Road tripping on the grandest scale possible Car

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Road tripping on the grandest scale possible

Every stellar story that exists today contains a great journey. Not just a philosophical one, but an actual physical journey where the protagonists travel significant distances in a bid to complete their quest and change their view on life. Well, that’s pretty much an easy way to define Toyota’s 5 Continent drive. Nothing short of an epic journey, it saw multiple teams from Toyota drive different vehicles from the Toyota stable, across different countries in multiple continents.

In the last few decades, going on massive road trips has become easy due to the development of roads and facilities. However, with Toyota, it is about so much more as their quest is a journey in progress to understand the individual needs of each specific market where the drive has taken place.   

Toyota Yaris Exterior

First-hand look 

Running a car manufacturing company has changed so much over the many decades. Gone are the days of adding fancy, pointless, features. Today it is about so much more — with the highest priority being given to the people who buy the cars and the roads they manoeuvre. To get a better understanding of this and answer the question, ‘What makes a car better?’, Toyota came up with the idea of the 5 Continent Drive.

Put simply, it’s Toyota’s quest to see and experience the roads, people and conditions first hand. Since this is a global initiative, it also provides an excellent opportunity for Toyota to allow its employees from around the world to interact with each other and get a perspective of other markets and the challenges of selling cars in that environment. 

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