PM Mahathir reaction on Palm Oil Banned

We can’t do anything about India’s Banned on Palm Oil – Malaysia PM Mahathir

South Asia

Langkawi, Malaysia: Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed has stepped down in a row against India. “There is nothing we can do in response to India’s boycott of Malaysia’s palm oil. Malaysia will not survive against palm oil banned by a huge economy like India. We must have to find a way to get out of this,” he said.

Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed

India is the largest importer of edible oil, while Malaysia is the largest exporter of edible oil for India. But the Prime Minister of Malaysia had criticized India after removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. In response, India had stopped importing palm oil from Malaysia. Malaysia is the second-largest producer of edible oil in the world. Therefore, Malaysia’s economy has also been hit hard by the biggest importer.

Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country. The Malaysian Prime Minister also criticized the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act. For the past five years, India has been Malaysia’s largest exporter of edible oil. So finding another country like India is a big challenge for Malaysia. As a result, the future of Malaysian edible oils fell by 10% last week, which is the largest weekly decline in the last 11 years.

Zakir Naik Issue

Malaysia is not limited to just statements against India. Malaysia has also refuge to handover controversial Islamic Preacher Dr. Zakir Naik. India requested Zakir Naik to withdraw his permanent citizenship, which was rejected by Malaysia. India is also offended by this. Zakir Naik is on the radar due to money rumours and jarring speeches. He has been absconding for the last three years and has settled in Malaysia.

Mahathir had also said that India will not give Zakir Naik custody even if India assures fair court action. Mahathir had said that he would arrange to send Zakir Naik to another country.

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