Pappa Ne Prem Chhey Dikara Ne Pahem Chhey

Comedy  ,  Gujrati

Cast & Crew

Writer:Prayag Dave

Director:Vipul Vithalasi

Producer: Nilesh Dave

Cast: Smit Ghantra, Vipul Vithalasi


Event Description

Love! This very word is enough to wage wars. And yet we as humans fall down on our knees each time for Love. But what will happen when one love story marks end of two others. A rollercoaster of uproarious and side- splitting emotions, feelings and thoughts with heated arguments seasoned with hysterical and rib-tickling humour as a father falls in love. This tragedy served in a comical plate with hilarious twists and turns is what will hold you on the edge of your seats throughout the play. So, are you ready for Pappa ne Prem chhe?

Event Guidelines

Event Terms and Conditions

Age Limit: Open to All




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