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Pillai's Alegria - The Festival of Joy

5th to 9th Feb, 2019

New Panvel , Panvel

  • , Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai's Campus , Sector 16 , , New Panvel
  • Open 24hrs

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About Us

ALEGRIA- The festival of joy, very true to its name, is undeniably the festival of JOY and HAPPINESS. The festival is an emotional rollercoaster where students put in their dedication and hardwork to make it come true. The mega festival started in 2013 and over the period of time it has witnessed a footfall of over 50,000 people making it one of Mumbai’s biggest festival. What makes the festival divergent is the unconventional thinking of the students which allows it to have the most creative themes. The five-day-long festival is filled with memories and the best time of a student’s college life. This year Alegria takes you on a space ride where the constellations will guide you, the stars will chase you and the planets will be your home. The kooky cosmos theme is filled with exciting events and games that will leave an astounding impression on everyone’s mind. An astronomical rendezvous is set to take place in February 2019, so grab your spacesuits and join us in this beautiful space ride to infinity and beyond. Stay tuned for all the exciting announcements coming up and be a part of our Alegria family, this edition is going to be the next big thing Navi Mumbai will see in 2019.

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